Postdoc Space-time modelling of soil redistribution

Postdoctoral position (18 months)
Spacetime modelling of soil redistributions in complex agricultural landscapes
: UMR LISAH, Montpellier (France)
Deadline to apply: 30 November 2008
Expected beginning: January- March 2009
Supervisor: Y. Le Bissonnais, and S. Follain

Program description:
Soil redistribution within the landscape modifies local soil properties and is a major process of soil degradation in agro ecosystems as well as potential soil improvement (ex: soil thickening) in some specific landscape positions (colluvial deposition).

Aims of this postdoctoral position are to provide a model allowing 3D estimation of soil redistribution in complex agricultural landscapes. This modelling should take into account
i) main soil redistribution processes (different in nature and intensity from one site to the other),
ii) soils characteristics and the three dimensional nature of the pedological cover and
iii) the landscape design (landuse/ land management/ landcover).

Participants must have a PhD level in Soil Science, Physical Geography, Hydrology or related sciences, with a significant background in numerical modelling. Experience in soil erosion research will be appreciated.
Applicants should show a letter of recommendation, or referee reports.


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