Postdoctoral fellow in C Accounting & Monitoring

Postdoctoral position (12 months) Soil Carbon Accounting and Monitoring
: The University of Sydney, Australia
Deadline to apply: 30 December 2008
Expected Commencement: February 2009

Contact: Alex McBratney

Project Description

Soil systems are recognised as a significant terrestrial sink of carbon. The reliable assessment and monitoring of soil carbon stocks is of key importance for soil conservation and in mitigation strategies for increased atmospheric carbon. However, currently there is no reliable and efficient scheme for monitoring and accounting for soil carbon storage. This project will design an effective sampling system for monitoring the content and changes of C in the soil within a farm.

Participants must have a PhD in Soil Science, or related sciences, with experiences in field sampling, knowledge in statistical sampling will be beneficial.

Please send CV with a letter of application and the names of two referees to:

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