Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships 2014 – closing date 31 May 2013

Applications are now open for the Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships. Full details are available here

Applicants must have an outstanding track record relative to opportunity in order to be short-listed. Successful applicants are expected to be based full-time at the University for the duration of the Fellowship and must not hold a concurrent paid appointment. Strong preference will be given to applicants seeking to join the University from another organisation in Australia or from overseas. Applicants must have a PhD award dated no earlier than 1 January 2008. Applicants with a PhD award dated later than 31 December 2012 are extremely unlikely to be competitive and should talk to the host Head of School to assess competitiveness before applying.

Starting salary will be A$99,000 (includes $83,998 base salary plus leave loading and up to 17% employer’s contribution to superannuation) and a total research support grant of A$25,000 is provided. The duration of the Fellowship is three years

Key deadlines:

Career Interruptions submitted to Research Portfolio: Tuesday 30 April 2013

Requests for School support: Friday 3 May 2013

Final closing date: Friday 31 May 2013

Before applicants can commence their on-line applications they must find a Sydney academic mentor and have secured support from the host School. Please contact if you are qualified to apply, we are looking for postdoctoral fellow in the following research topics:

(1) Bayesian average modelling for improved model prediction

(2) Digital soil assessments

(3) Multisensor data fusion for proximal soil sensing

(4) Soil-landscape dynamic modelling

(5) Global space-time soil carbon modelling

(6) Bayesian hierarchical modelling for regional soil mapping


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