Post Doctoral Fellowship at CSIRO Australia

We are calling for applications at CSIRO Land and Water in Canberra for a Postdoctoral Fellow to develop systems to sense, map and model soil carbon.

Applications close 15 September 2013.

Click on the link below to read the job advertisement and position details at CSIRO Careers (ACT13/02931):

Potential candidates can click on the link above to apply via CSIRO’s online application system.

To be short-listed for the job, applicants must have an excellent track record relative to the opportunity, and should demonstrate how well they meet the essential selection criteria listed in the position description.

The key is to demonstrate capability by providing evidence of meeting the selection criteria. Please provide specific details and examples, and where possible, include results or some other indicator of success.

Contact Raphael Viscarra Rossel ( for more information

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