Pedometrics Forums 10 PM challenges How can we use multiple point methods in pedometrics?

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    [Proposed by Gerard Heuvelink and Murray Lark]
    Multiple point geostatistics goes beyond just modelling the first and second-order moments of random functions. It is quite popular in geology and hydro-geology because it much better captures the concept of connectivity for practical cases than the default Gaussian or trans-Gaussian approaches. But we haven’t used it much in pedometrics. Still, it may be an indispensable tool for modelling drainage patterns, water infiltration and extremely useful in digital soil morphometry.

    Nicolas Saby

    The plurigaussian model is currently used for simulating geological domains (facies) in petroleum reservoirs and mineral deposits, with the aim of assessing the uncertainty in the domain boundaries and of improving the geological controls in the characterization of quantitative attributes.

    The plurigaussian model is a promising approach. It is a parsimonious model and could be a relevant alternative to multiple point geostatsitics.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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