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    Nicolas Saby

    [by Johan boula]
    how can soil science make a contribution to close the gap between science and society as evidenced by non adaptation of convincing research results.

    facing up to the transdisciplinary challenges in a “post-truth” world. We rightly say that 30% of the soils of the world are degraded but at the same time we know what to do about degradation. Many successful studies are available. Why don’t too many land users adopt soil protection measures that have been successful in research programs? And how can land-use policies be more effective? There is an increasingly wide gap between science and society. How to close it? I feel that the soil science profession has an edge in trying to be effective here because deep down people have a intuitive affinity with soils. I like to mention here the propositions of the Soil Security concept in which not only the more common elements of soil condition, capa bility and capital are distinguished but also connectivity, describing links with stakeholders, and codification, describing links with the policy arena.

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