Best paper awards in Pedometrics 2010, 2011, 2012

At the Pedometrics conference in Nairobi the best paper awards in Pedometrics were announced. These were:

2010: B.P. Marchant, N.P.A. Saby, R.M. Lark, P.H. Bellamy, C.C. Jolivet & D. Arrouays: ‘Robust prediction of soil properties at the national scale: Cadmium content of French soils’. European Journal of Soil Science, 61,144–152.

2011: D.J. Brus and J.J. de Gruijter: ‘Design-based Generalized Least Squares estimation of status and trend of soil properties from monitoring data’. Geoderma,164,172–180.

2012: R.M. Lark: ‘Towards soil geostatistics’. Spatial Statistics, 1,92–98.

best paper

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