Best Paper in Pedometrics 2021 – Nominees

Dear Pedometricians

We received 22 nominations for best paper in Pedometrics 2021. After checking for eligibility, the award committee members ranked top 10 papers o ftheir choice.  

A member of the committee who is a co-author of a paper is not allowed to vote for his/her paper(s).

We used the instant runoff or ranked choice voting method to select the top 5 papers using the “vote” package in R

The nominees for Best Paper in Pedometrics in 2021 are as follow (in first authors’ alphabetical order, not based on preference):

  • Bennett, J.M., Roberton, S.D., Ghahramani, A. and McKenzie, D.C., 2021. Operationalising soil security by making soil data useful: Digital soil mapping, assessment and return-on-investment. Soil Security, 4, p.100010.
  • Dobarco, M.R., McBratney, A., Minasny, B. and Malone, B., 2021. A modelling framework for pedogenon mapping. Geoderma, 393, p.115012.
  • Kasraei, B., Heung, B., Saurette, D.D., Schmidt, M.G., Bulmer, C.E. and Bethel, W., 2021. Quantile regression as a generic approach for estimating uncertainty of digital soil maps produced from machine-learning. Environmental Modelling & Software, 144, p.105139.
  • Styc, Q., Gontard, F. and Lagacherie, P., 2021. Harvesting spatially dense legacy soil datasets for digital soil mapping of available water capacity in Southern France. Geoderma Regional24, p.e00353.
  • Wadoux, A.M.C. and Brus, D.J., 2021. How to compare sampling designs for mapping?. European Journal of Soil Science, 72(1), pp.35-46.

Congratulations to the authors of the papers.

The committee member will now read carefully these papers and vote for the best paper.

We will announce the winner of the Best paper in 2021 at the end of February.

Kind Regards


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