Call for Nominations for the Richard Webster Medal.

The Richard Webster Medal is an award by the Pedometrics Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences.  The award is for the best body of work that has advanced the discipline of pedometrics: the application of mathematical and statistical methods to problems in the understanding of soils in space and time, and the provision of information for their better management.

The Richard Webster Medal will be awarded at the 2022 World Congress of Soil Science.  The award is judged by the Pedometrics Commission Awards Committee on the basis of nominations received.  

Nominations should be sent to the Committee Chair, Professor Murray Lark .  Anyone considering sending a nomination should examine the guidelines for the award carefully at this web page and make sure that their proposed candidate is eligible, and is willing to be nominated.  Note that the requirements for the written evidence will be strictly adhered to, and any nomination which consists only of a curriculum vitae for the candidate, with no covering statement as requested, will be discarded.

Nominations must be received by the committee Chair no later than midday British Summer Time on 31st May 2022.

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