Soil Datasets

Spatial data

  • Broom’s barn dataset. Note (pdf), data (txt)
  • Gilgai transect data. From the paper: Webster, R. (1977) Spectral analysis of gilgai soil. Australian Journal of Soil Research 15, 191-204. xls
  • Thickness of soil A horizon from a field near Forbes, New South Wales. From the paper: Pettitt, A.N., McBratney, A.B., 1993. Sampling designs for estimating spatial variance components. Applied Statistics 42, 185–209. xls
  • Soil pH of 1 ha area at a research station in Samford, Queensland. From the paper: Laslett, G.M., McBratney, A.B., Pahl, P.J., Hutchinson, M.F., 1987. Comparison of several spatial prediction methods for soil pH. Journal of Soil Science 38, 325–341. xls
  • The Jura dataset. Appendix C in: Goovaerts, P., 1997, Geostatistics for natural resources evaluation, Oxford University Press. txt More info see Pierre Goovaerts’ webpage
  • The Meuse soil contamination dataset. Burrough, P. A. & McDonnell, R. A., 1998. Principles of geographical information systems. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Provided by David Rositter. zip
  • The Ebergotzen dataset (Tomi Hengl) zip
  • See also AI-Geostats Datasets

Time Series

Infrared spectra

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