Deadline for voting on the best papers has been extended to Aug. 25th

Dear Fellow Pedometricians,

Due to the large number of nominated papers for you to go through, we decided to extend the deadline for voting to Aug. 25th.

Attached is again the list of the nominated papers for the best paper awards in Pedometrics for 2010, 2011, 2012. The list is also posted at

Below are the rules for conducting the vote:
1) Authors/coauthors of the nominated papers CANNOT vote for their own papers.
2) For each year, you can select up to THREE papers in the order of preference (best paper first).
3) Due to the fact that this is an open call, we require that voters not on the pedometrics google group list MUST demonstrate that he/she is
an experienced pedometrician, by attaching one of his or her published
English papers related to pedometrics to his/her vote.
4) Your vote MUST be sent to the all of the following email addresses
before midnight of the 25th of August:

A-Xing Zhu <>
Dick Brus <>
Lin Yang <>

Thanks for your contributions.

A-Xing Zhu
Dick Brus

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