European Geosciences Union 2014 Congress 27th April to 5th May Vienna

Abstracts are invited for a session entitled:
Communication of uncertainty about information in earth sciences” SSS11.1/ESSI3.6

All information in the earth sciences has some attendant uncertainty, which may be substantial. It is important that users of information are fully aware of this uncertainty so that it can be taken into account in decision-making. Much work has been done on how to characterize uncertainty. The focus of this session is on the next step: how this mathematically rigorous quantification of uncertainty can be most effectively communicated to data users, including policy makers, regulators, and members of the general public. The aim of this session is:
(i) to provide a forum to discuss experiences in the communication of uncertainty;
(ii) to discuss novel ideas for communication of uncertainty including both textual and graphical representation such as maps;
(iii) to gain understanding about target audiences and their needs.

The deadline for abstract submission is 16th January 2014, and abstracts may be submitted at

You can find our session under the Soil System Sciences or the Earth and Space Science Informatics programmes. It is designated session SSS11.1/ESSI3.6

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