International Conference on Soil Geography: New Horizons

International Conference on  Soil Geography: New Horizons
Huatulco Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico, 16-20 of November 2009.

Soil Geography is a branch of Soil Science that deals with the areal distribution of soils. We may talk about soil geomorphology, which is a field science that studies soils on dynamic landscapes. Numerous studies were carried out in the past. Soil hydrology was a major advancement in the last two decades, which has provided insight into how water moves through landscapes. Where the water percolates so goes soil development. Water is the dominant catalyst, mediator, and transport agent in most natural systems on Earth, including soils. A lot of attention was given to geomorphic description of landscapes. Decrease interest in soil science in general and in particular in Soil Geography in nineties created a great concern and eventually International Society of Soil Science (ISSS) has become IUSS to cope with emerging global problems associated with soils. Because of its importance Soil Geography is now a Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS, Com. 1.2) since 2002.


1. The theory and methods of soil geography (Plenary session. Conveners: Ahmet Mermut and Adalberto Benavides Mendoza)
2. Landscape dynamics, soil geomorphology, and hydropedology (Conveners: Reinhold Jahn and José-Ramón Hernández)
3. Pedodiversity and soil geography (Conveners: Juan-José Ibáñez and Pavel Krasilnikov)
4. Soil classification and soil mapping units: theory and application (Conveners: Robert Ahrens and Carmen Gutiérrez Castorena)
5. Paleosols in the present and past soilscapes (Conveners: Edoardo Costantini and Sergey Sedov)
6. Pedometrics, digital soil mapping, and soil geography (Conveners: Alex McBratney and Christina Siebe)
7. Driving forces of soil diversity: lithogenic versus climatic factors (Conveners: Viktor Targulian and Teresa Reyna Trujillo)
8. Mountainous tropical soilscapes (Conveners: Norma E. García Calderón and Carlos E. Schaefer)

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