Nominations for best papers in Pedometrics for 2010, 2011, 2012


Nominated Papers Nominator(s)
Haskard, K.A., Lark, R.M., 2010. Spectral tempering to model non-stationary variation of soil properties: Sensitivity to the initial stationary model. Geoderma 159 (3-4): 350-357. Dominique Arrouays
Yang, L., F. Sherif, Y. Jiao, H. Sheldon, A.X. Zhu, C.Z. Qin, Z.G. Xu, 2010. Updating conventional soil maps through digital soil mapping. Soil Science Society of America Journal 75(3): 1044-1053. Xiaolin Sun
Zhu, A.X., F. Liu, B.L. Li, T. Pei, C.Z. Qin, G.H. Liu, Y.J. Wang, Y.N. Chen, X.W. Ma, F. Qi, C.H.Zhou, 2010. Differentiation of soil conditions over low relief areas using feedback dynamic patterns, Soil Science Society of America Journal 74(3), 861-869. Wei Shangguan
Marchant, B.P., Saby, N.P.A., Lark, R.M., Bellamy, P.H., Jolivet, C.C., Arrouays, D., 2010. Robust prediction of soil properties at the national scale: Cadmium content of French soils. European Journal of Soil Science 61(1): 144-152. Dominique Arrouays
Viscarra Rossel, R.A., Bui, E.N., de Caritat, P., McKenzie, N.J., 2010. Mapping iron oxides and the colour of Australian soil using visible–near infrared reflectance spectra. Journal of Geophysical Research 115, F04031, doi:10.1029/2009JF001645. Raphael Viscarra-Rossel


Nominated Papers Nominator(s)
Malone, B., McBratney, A.B., De Gruijter, J.J., Minasny, B., Brus, D.J., 2011. Using additional criteria for measuring the quality of predictions and their uncertainties in a digital soil mapping framework. Soil Science Society of America Journal 75, 1032-1043. Budiman Minasny, Dominique Arrouays
Minasny, B., Vrugt, J.A., McBratney, A.B., 2011. Confronting uncertainty in modelbased geostatistics using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation. Geoderma 163: 150-162. Uta Stockman
Brus, D.J., de Gruijter, J.J., 2011. Design-based Generalized Least Squares estimation of status and trend of soil properties from monitoring data. Geoderma 164(3-4): 172-180. Dominique Arrouays
Diodato, N., M. Fagnano, I. Alberico, G.B. Chirico, 2011. Mapping soil erodibility from composed data set in Sele River Basin, Italy. Natural Hazards 58: 445–457. Nazzareno Diodato
Rab M.A., E.S. Chandra, P.D. Fisher, N. J. Robinson, M. Kitching, C.D. Aumann, and M. Imhof, 2011. Modelling and prediction of soil water contents at field capacity and permanent wilting point of dryland cropping soils. Soil Research 49: 389–407. Abdur Rab
Goovaerts P., 2011. A coherent geostatistical approach for combining choropleth map and field data in the spatial interpolation of soil properties. European Journal of Soil Sciences 62(3): 371-380 Pierre Goovaerts
Kempen, B., Brus, D.J., and Stoorvogel, J.J., 2011. Three-dimensional mapping of soil organic matter content using soil type-specific depth functions. Geoderma 162, 107–123. David Rossiter
Santra P., B.S. Das, D. Chakravarty, 2011. Delineation of hydrologically similar units in a watershed based on fuzzy classification of soil hydraulic properties. Hydrologic Processes, 25: 64-79. Bhabani Das
Marchant, B.P., Saby, N.P.A., Jolivet, C.C., Arrouays, D., Lark, R.M., 2011. Spatial prediction of soil properties with copulas. Geoderma 162: 327-334. Dominique Arrouays
Viscarra Rossel, R., 2011. Fine-resolution multiscale mapping of clay minerals in Australian soils measured with near infrared spectra. Journal of Geophysical Research, 116: F04023. doi: 10.1029/2011JF001977. Raphael Viscarra-Rossel


Nominated Papers Nominator(s)
Kempen, B., Brus, D.J., Heuvelink, G.B.M., 2012. Soil type mapping using the generalised linear geostatistical model: A case study in a Dutch cultivated peatland . Geoderma 189: 540-553. Dominique Arrouays
Qin, C.Z., Zhu, A.X., Qiu, W.L., Lu, Y.J., Li, B.L., Pei, T., 2012. Mapping soil organic matter in small low-relief catchments using fuzzy slope position information. Geoderma 171-172: 64-74. Liu Feng
Mishra U., Riley,W.J., 2012. Alaskan soil carbon stocks: spatial variability and dependence on environmental factors. Biogeosciences 9:3637-3645. Umakant Mishra
Lark, R.M., 2012. Towards soil geostatistics. Spatial Statistics 1, 92–99. David Rossiter
Kerry, R., Goovaerts, P., Rawlins, B.G., Marchant, B.P., 2012. Disaggregation of legacy soil data using area to point kriging for mapping soil organic carbon at the regional scale. Geoderma 170: 347–358 Pierre Goovaerts
Orton, T.G,, Saby, N.P.A., Arrouays, D., Jolivet, C.C., Boulonne, L., Villanneau, E., Paroissien,J.B., Marchant, B.P., Caria, G., Barriuso, E., Bispo, A., Briand, O., 2012. Inference and spatial prediction with below quantification limit data for analyzing the distribution of PCB concentrations across a region of France. Journal of Environmental Quality 41, 1893-1905. Dominique Arrouays

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