Pedometrics 2015

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to Pedometrics 2015, to be organized in Cordoba, Spain between 14-18 September 2015. For more details, please visit the conference website:

Latest developments in pedometric methods and applications of mathematical and statistical methods in the study of the distribution and genesis of soils. Pedometrics addresses soil related problems when there is uncertainty due to deterministic or stochastic variation, vagueness and lack of knowledge of soil properties and processes. It relies upon mathematical, statistical, and numerical methods and includes numerical approaches to classification to deal with a supposed deterministic variation. Simulation models incorporate uncertainty by adopting chaos theory, statistical distribution, or fuzzy logic.

Pedometrics addresses pedology from the perspective of emerging scientific fields such as wavelets analysis, fuzzy set theory and data mining in soil data modelling applications. The advance of pedometrics is also linked to improvements in remote and close-range sensing.

To showcase innovative research on the mathematical spatial and temporal modeling of soil through interactive discussions and technical sessions.
To promote international interaction as well as student participation around emerging pedometric techniques, with specific examples from the troics.
To encourage the recognition of the results from pedometric analyses on informing planning and management decisions and public policy.
With best regards,

The Organizing Committee

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