Best Paper in Pedometrics 2008

All members of IUSS are invited to examine these six papers, and to participate in the Vote for Best Paper. To vote send an email to with “Best Paper 2008? in the subject line.

You should indicate your order of preference for all six papers. Please list all the papers by number in order of preference, with the paper you regard as the most worthy winner listed first.

The vote will end at midnight (Sydney time) on 15th August 2009, and the result will be announced and
presented at Pedometrics 2009 in Beijing 26-28 August 2009. We are very grateful to David for his thorough and industrious approach to assembling these nominations, and urge readers to participate in the process by reading the papers and voting.

We are grateful to the publishers of all papers nominated “Best Paper in Pedometrics 2008” for making these papers freely available during the period of the vote.

The six finalists, sorted by journal title and reference are:

(1)   Brus, D.J., Bogaert, P. and Heuvelink, G.B.M., 2008. Bayesian Maximum Entropy prediction of soil categories using a traditional soil map as soft information.  European Journal of Soil Science, 59(2): 166–177.

(2)    Brus, D.J. and Noij, I.G.A.M., 2008. Designing sampling schemes for effect monitoring of nutrient leaching from agricultural soils. European Journal of Soil Science, 59(2): 292–303.

(3)   Awiti, A.O., Walsh, M.G., Shepherd, K.D. and Kinyamario, J., 2008. Soil condition classification using
infrared spectroscopy: A proposition for assessment of soil condition along a tropical forest cropland chronosequence. Geoderma, 143(1-2): 73–84.  [PDF]

(4)   Grinand, C., Arrouays, D., Laroche, B. and Martin, M.P., 2008. Extrapolating regional soil landscapes from an existing soil map: Sampling intensity, validation procedures, and integration of spatial context. Geoderma, 143(1-2): 180–190.  [PDF]

(5)   Lark, R., 2008. Some Results on the Spatial Breakdown Point of Robust Point Estimates of the Variogram. Mathematical Geosciences, 40(7): 729–751. [PDF]

(6)   Zimmermann, B., Zehe, E., Hartmann, N.K. and Elsenbeer, H., 2008. Analyzing spatial data:  An assessment of assumptions, new methods, and uncertainty using soil hydraulic data. Water Resour. Res., 44: W10418.   This paper can be accessed via the following link.

Note that this link is only good for a limited number of downloads so please:   (i)  Only download the paper if
you fully intend to participate in the vote. (ii).Only access the link once. (iii). Do not use this link if you have access to Water Resources Research through a personal or institutional subscription.   The username and password for access is 09706453

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