“Americas” Webinar Programme

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When2 February
Geographic RegionAmericas
Local Time12pm – 3pm CST
UTC TimeUTC -6
ModeratorsAlessandro Samuel Rosa,
Federal University of Technology – Paraná, Brazil
Marcos Angelini,
Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria, Argentina
MeetingZoom :

Note that the event will be recorded

Keynote speaker : Colby Brungard

Why Pedometics ?

Pedometrics is a rapidly advancing and evolving field that spans academic and professional domains. Many solutions to pedometric problems have been advanced and explored and we have learned a lot about what does and does not work, but why do we ‘do’ Pedometrics? This presentation will briefly review several reasons why I spend my time and research efforts on Pedometrics. I will also briefly review how I found the field of Pedometrics and where I think Pedometrics could go.

The book of abstracts is now HERE.


Keynote12:10Colby BrungardNew Mexico State University, USA
Scientific talks12:50Presenter
12:57Mario GuevaraCentro de Geociencias-Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
13:04Jingyi HuangUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
13:11Andres Felipe Rodrigues VasquezUnidad de planificación Rural Agropecuaria, Colombia
13:18Daniel SauretteUniversity of Guelph, Canada
13:25Preston SorensonUniversity of Saskatchewan, Canada
13:32Maria Eliza TurekFederal University of Paraná, Brazil
13:39Hunter WinsorNew Mexico State University, USA
13:46Chengcheng XuDuke University, USA
13:52Yakun ZhangUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
13:59Maiara PuschUniversidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
Break14:05Visit the research posters
Questions and discussion14:10Visit the research posters and ask questions
Meet the expert14:35Meet Alessandro Samuel-Rosa, Marcus Angelini and Colby Brungrard