Call for Nominations for Best Paper in Pedometrics 2008

We  invite members of the commission to submit papers that they think should be considered.

The rules are as follows.
1. Any member of IUSS may nominate a paper, provided that it is not a paper on which they are author or co-author.
2. One member of the Commission will be invited to produce a shortlist of five papers from all that have been nominated, or other eligible papers.
3. A vote will then be held, in which all IUSS members may participate.
4. To be eligible for consideration a paper must be published in the year for which the award is given (this does not include publication in an ‘Online Early’ or ‘Articles in Press’ section). The paper must be published in a peer-reviewed, international and accessible journal. Conference proceedings and book chapters are not eligible. Papers must be on Pedometrics, showing how mathematical and statistical methods can advance the study of soil.

All nominations for Best Paper in Pedometrics 2008 should be sent to Murray Lark ( by end of February 2009.

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