Call for nominations for “the Best Paper in Pedometrics 2013”

From: D G Rossiter, Chairman Pedometrics Awards Committee,  


Nominations are now open for the “Best Paper in Pedometrics 2013” award, to be presented at Pedometrics 2015 (September 2015, in Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain). Early next year (2015) we will repeat the exercise for the best paper of 2014, but we want to spread the work out and also have papers nominated while they are still fresh in your minds. This is a prestigious award, which recognizes work that is judged to be of importance and of excellent quality by your peers. It stimulates us all to do top-quality, influential and innovative work.

The procedure is as follows:

1. You are all now invited to nominate one or more papers. They must be relevant to pedometrics and have been published in recognized journals with a final publication date in calendar year 2013. These can be from the usual journals for pedometricians, such as Geoderma and European Journal of Soil Science, but can also be from journals where we do not publish so much — this would encourage us all to scan these journals. You may nominate a paper on which you are (co-)author.

If you are confused about what exactly is “pedometrics” for the purposes of this award, please see the definition as approved by the IUSS, see “What is Pedometrics?”

2. The nominations and justifications will be assembled by me, and sent for review to the committee:

  • David Rossiter (Cornell University, USA)
  • Sabine Grunwald (University of Florida, USA)
  • Alex McBratney (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Margaret Oliver (University of Reading, UK)
  • Gerard Heuvelink (Wageningen University and ISRIC – World Soil Information, NL)

The committee will independently grade the papers (0 to 10). I will average the scores. The five papers with the highest average will be then definitively nominated. In the case that a committee member is the (co)-author of a nominated paper, s/he is not allowed to grade her/his own paper, so the average is from the remaining members.

3. The nominated papers will be placed on the pedometrics website, announced in the pedometrics Google group, in the IUSS LinkedIn group, and in Pedometron. All self-declared pedometricians are encouraged to read the nominated papers and rank them in the single transferable vote (Hare) system (first choice, second choice… up till the last paper the voter is willing to vote for). Votes should then be sent to me from a traceable e-mail address (to prevent over-voting), over a period of at least a month, to be announced. A pedometrician is not allowed to vote for a paper where s/he is a (co-)author.

4. I will tally the votes according to the Hare system and determine the winner. Votes will be kept secret and you will just have to trust me to tally them honestly.

The timeline

  • DEADLINE for nominations is 15-September-2014.
  • The list of selected papers will be announced by 01-November-2014.
  • Pedometricians will then have two months to read and vote.

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