Report from Pedometrics 2015

I would kindly thank IUSS for giving me the opportunity of participating at the “Pedometrics 2015” conference during 14-18 September 2015 as a student grant winner. It allowed me to learn much about the very different thematics presented. It was quite interesting for me because of my first attendance relating this subject. As a PhD student I investigated morphological properties of Calcisols of Azerbaijan using proximal soil sensing and GIS. For this reason, I needed to discuss my current and future works with other scientist who have experience on the topic.

“Pedometrics 2015” was a perfect chance to do that. The first day of the conference, I presented the poster entitled “Use of VIS-NIR digital library to reduce analytical costs and survey time” with my co-author L’Abate. During the poster session, I discussed my work with several participants and they shared their idea to improve my upcoming work. There were presented very interesting and finely conducted scientific works by participants coming from around the world. I got a lot of information about digital soil mapping, proximal soil sensing, and geostatistics, among others.

These topics are quite new for my country and I’m facing them with interest. In the post-conference, I joined the field trip to learn about different geological and physiographical formations and soils of Cordoba territory and Sierra, Spain.

During the conference, I met several scientist which I know them form literature and I was happy when I see them in the conference and I understood that the “pedometrics” is a big family. I’m really thanks-full to the IUSS for giving me this excellent experience and excellent motivation.
Fikrat Feyziyev
Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of ANAS

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