Several Postdoctoral Opportunities at the University of Sydney

Budiman and I have recently been successful in obtaining several very well- funded projects related to the following:-

(a) Continental-scale estimation and mapping and monitoring of soil condition in Australia. (Some people might call soil condition soil health.)

(b) Continental-scale estimation and mapping of soil viruses in Australia

(c) Methods of soil carbon estimation and accounting for farms, catchments and regions

(d) Quantifying the dimensions of soil security – including biophysical, economic, and socio-political aspects

To do this we are keen to engage around six new postdoctoral researchers over the next twelve months. If you are a recent or soon-to-graduate PhD, with a good pedometrics or related background, and are interested in any of the project areas listed above please contact Budiman or I. (Likewise if you are interested in a PhD opportunity in any of these areas please contact us.)

For those interested you can ask Mercedes Roman Dobarco or Alex Wadoux what it’s like to work here at the University of Sydney and live in beautiful Sydney (I’m not biased).

Alex. McBratney

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